What’s that about the library brand?

Two tidbits to explain what I talk about on this blog. I’m not anti-technology, but I’m for playing to our strengths:

“Books” as the library brand grew even stronger. The
information consumer believes that
the library brand was “books” in
2005. Even more believe it is
“books” in 2010. 69% said “books”
was the library brand in 2005, while
75% said “books” in 2010.

The online library has not
become a substitute for visiting
the library in person. While use of
the physical library saw strong
growth in 2010, the library Web site
is not attracting significantly more
users. Penetration is basically flat
from 2005 at under 35%. The top
reason for not using the library Web
site remains the same as in 2005: “I
didn’t know it existed.” The top
reason given by college students:
“Other sites have better

Thanks to the OCLC


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