Crate-digging and personal librarianship.

Opposed to traditional information literacy, take the art of crate-digging as a model. The emphasis goes to inter-personal connection, not being a know-it-all, deep interest, and that tingly excitement from a major find. If education should aspire to greater heights than mere certification, then libraries are poised to be at the front as a central place where students can connect with the things that interest them. In your head, replace “records” with “articles” or “books” or “websites” or “resources” or “bibliographies” or what-have-you. All of a sudden, it gets exciting.

I go after records whenever I have the bread to spend on them, plain and simple. Whatever I’m on the hunt for, I like to take my time and get as personal as possible with the shop and the joints I choose to listen to while I’m there. Sometimes relationships and conversations will bring you more bounty in your digging than just winging it and being a know it all.

What I like is to discover a record on the field with the fisherprice portable, or by trading with my records mates. I like to have records in my collection that means something to me, a feeling, a memory, I remember where I found most of my records, this is important to me. I also like to refresh my collection often, I hate when a record is not listened, It’s like wasted it. I prefer to trade or sell records often to gain more new records. It’s the adrenaline of the discovery that motivates me, no matter what kind of music it is.

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